017: Do fashion sense and scientific acumen correlate?

Rebecca Rachmany is the founder and CEO of Gangly SIster, which is creating digital comics, video and apps that encourage and inspire girls to pursue career paths in tech and entrepreneurship.

Purple and Nine is launching this week!! October 15, 2015

In this episode you’ll hear:
• How the gender gap is still a real thing
• How if you see something, you can be it!
• How the best thing you can do for yourself is get educated
• How we need to change people’s subconscious ideas about what people can do
• How there is no correlation between fashion sense and scientific acumen
• How you don’t have to fit into one category, you can be popular and be nice
• How you need to set the rules around your work day that work for you
• How in business, the reward for solving a problem is a bigger problem!
• How a balanced life may cause things to take longer
• How when you ant to develop a business or a skill, see what value you can add, and add more value than somebody else is adding

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