063: Obstacle Course and Extreme Racing Champion

Margaret Schlachter was the first female professional athlete in the sport of obstacle course racing when she turned pro in 2012. She tells us how she started, and what made her continue even though she couldn’t finish her first race due to extreme hypothermia.

Margaret’s website Dirt In Your Skirt was the first online space for women in obstacle racing.

She has written for and been featured in Self, Shape, Trailrunner Magazine and many other media outlets as an expert in the sport of Obstacle & Extreme Racing.

Margaret is now Editor-in-Chief for Mud Run Guide.com, the largest website in the world for obstacle racing. She hosts a weekly podcast called Dirt in Your Skirt – The Podcast, works with a select group of clients and continues to provide consultations and consulting to athletes and race organizations.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Margaret’s book: Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life
Alan Watts: The Way of Zen
Tough Mudder
Margaret’s website: DirtInYourSkirt.com

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