099: Jewish Fiction Author Dr. Nora Gold

Dr. Nora Gold is not afraid of writing about anti-Israelism on campus, a very sensitive subject which she wrote about in her novel entitled “Fields of Exile”.
Dr. Gold also wrote “Marrow and Other Stories” which was praised by Alice Munro, and her latest novel is “The Dead Man”, which also has a deep connection to Israel.

Although a tenured professor of Social Work, Nora chose to leave academia to follow her calling as a fiction writer.
Dr. Gold is also the creator and editor of Jewish Fiction.net, an online journal that publishes Jewish-themed fiction from around the world.

We talk about how Nora chooses her subject matter and how she was able to be brave enough to leave a secure position to become an author.

You can find out more about Dr. Gold at http://www.noragold.com