103: All About Masterminds

I run mastermind groups, both in-person and virtually, or on-line, and I think it’s time we talked more in depth about what the benefits are, why you should definitely join a mastermind, and what goes on inside a mastermind group.
We discuss the different types of masterminds, the structure, the size, the time spent at a mastermind, how often you should meet, and if it’s necessary to pay for a mastermind for it to be effective.

I talk about the following benefits of joining a mastermind group, which include:
• Getting and giving support: usually professional support, but sometimes you might need some personal support and you’ll get it from your mastermind cohorts. You will learn about your own business by supporting others
• Accountability: Don’t underestimate the power of peer pressure, when it’s used wisely. You won’t want to let your group down by not fulfilling the goals you promised you’d meet. That accountability will move you forwards in a few months more than you’ve progressed in a year. I promise!
• Goal setting: we set reach goals each week, then meet them. We also learn to set goals that are right for us, something that we weren’t already planning on doing that week. If you don’t meet your goals, we’ll figure out why.
• New outlook on your business: your mastermind buddies will not be in the same field as you. You’ll benefit from their experiences, different to your own. And getting new eyes on your work will spark your occasionally dormant creativity.
• Your network will grow: you now, through proxy, have access to your mastermind’s network, globally. Your network just got a whole lot bigger. Use it!
• Friendship: Very quickly you will care about the other women in your group. It just happens. You are thinking about how to help them, they have helped you unconditionally, you’ve seen them struggle, they found solutions to your problems. These friendships stick even after the mastermind is over.

Listen to the podcast to hear about structure, time frames, very big and very accessible mastermind groups that you can join.
Or form one yourself!

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