104: Benefits of a Being in a Mastermind

I met Shelli Warren in my own personal mastermind group. We are now friends, mentor each other when needed, rely on each other, and will jump to help the other figure out a sticky spot in her business, or wherever.

On today’s episode, we talk about benefits of the mastermind.
Here are a few:
• Practical goal setting and follow through
• Support
• Friendship, even global friendships
• Learn to own your strengths
• Accountability
• Propels you into a higher level of performance
• High level profit planning
• Investing in a mastermind allows you to take full advantage of it, you devote your time and efforts to succeeding
• Brainstorming on your business, get creative!
• Find out where your weak points are, get ideas and advice on how to strengthen them
• Reach goals that were previously unattainable!

We also hear about Shelli’s career, and how she can help you with your own ENCORE CAREER.
Thank you, Shelli! It was great to talk to you on the podcast!