106: Sally Becker is Saving Children in Mosul

Sally Becker is back on the podcast, talking about her current work and latest missions to Mosul. Sally’s charity Road to Peace really needs your help to pay for medical supplies for severely malnourished children in the war zone.

Sally tells about the most difficult mission she’s ever been on, the dangers she and the doctor accompanying her, Dr. Marino Andolina, face when there, and the extreme hardships the people suffer there from ISIS attacks.

If you visit Sally’s website: RoadtoPeace.org.uk (https://www.roadtopeace.org.uk) you will see photographs and videos of the children she has already helped to receive medical help in the US, and those for whom the help is too late.

CNN and the BBC have covered her work, which you can also see on her website.

I know it sounds as if I’m pushing for donations. That’s because I am. This is a cause where all of the funds you send go directly to the needy people. No middle man.
If you are inspired by her work, send Sally an email on the contact page on her website and let her know you appreciate her.
I appreciate you for caring.
Be well and safe everybody.