107: Female Founders and Entrepreneurs Around the World. Are their characteristics and experiences more similar or more dissimilar?

Taciana Mello and Fernanda Moura from Brazil are interviewing women around the world (hey… I do that too!) about women’s empowerment, women founders and women entrepreneurs. They’re filming a documentary, gathering advice and stories from experienced female founders about their hardships, struggles and triumphs.

After they interviewed me here at WeWork Herzliya, I invited them to be on the podcast to tell their own stories. Today, we get a behind-the-scenes look into their 13 months of travel (so far), the women they’ve met and the countries they’ve been to.

How do you pack for such a long trip when most of your luggage is full of video equipment? Taciana and Fernanda tell us what they’re carrying.
What is the worse experience they’ve had on the road so far?
Listen to the show and find out!

Thank you, Taciana and Fernanda! It was great fun meeting and an honor to be part of this important project.

The Girls on the Road (https://www.facebook.com/thegirlsontheroad/)