109: Shanah Tovah! Tips for Hosting Big Dinner Parties and Lessons from a Reconstructionist Rabbi

Shana Tova!!
Rabbi Deborah Waxman teaches us about adopting “Yes, And” in Judaism

Sweet and Happy New Year!

For the podcast this week, I talk about how I organize large dinner parties at home and the tools I use to delegate to my guests some of the cooking to make things easier. They don’t always like it…

I reflect on spirituality and what it means for me, and how my daughter, Maya, influences me.

And together we learn from Rabbi Deborah Waxman, who is the head of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. Rabbi Waxman is the first woman to hold these positions simultaneously.
We learn what Recontructionist Judaism is and the items that Deborah feels need urgent attention. And we get our own private lesson for the new year.

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Thank you to the Strong Women who listen to the podcast!
Have a healthy and strong year!