The Strong Women’s Club

Get connected, reach your goals, get support and education here at the Strong Women’s Club.

As strong Jewish women who want to make our world a better place, we are building a network of female Jewish leaders that you can be part of.

As Edie reminds us, “Along the way, I’ve had major hiccups and failures. I’ve tried professions that left me bored, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Which is why I’m determined that together we can build something great. A tribe of strong, enthusiastic, positive and assertive Jewish women leaders who help each other reach the top. To be the best in the world!”
Women of all ages should know that it is never too late to excel, to build a meaningful career and to reach their full potential.

On the podcast, Edie highlights successful women in Israel and around the globe. You get a behind-the-scenes look into their stories, plus insider tips and advice from women leaders around the world.

The Strong Women’s Masterminds will help you move forwards in your career, give you accountability, support, effective goal setting skills and implementation, plus true friendships and the growth of your global network.

The Strong Jewish Women’s Summits give you the opportunity to learn practical leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Plus lectures and interviews with thought leaders, touching on the topics that interest you most. You will also meet and network with strong Jewish women like you and have the convenience of a virtual conference.

The Strong Women’s Club Podcast, Masterminds and Summits