About the Strong Women’s Club

You are smart and strong. At work and at home. You know that physical strength leads to mental strength. You care about your work environment and your employees. You love the energy that fitness brings to you and your team. You want to grow your business and your career. You are a constant learner and want to hang out with more women just like you. Welcome to the Strong Women's Club.

Edie Berg combines decades of experience as a physical therapist, executive manager, and chef/owner of a catering and events company to bring a unique ability and encompassing perspective to corporations, female entrepreneurs and speaking engagements.

The Strong Women’s Club ¬†brings women to business heights by taking a holistic approach. We use health and fitness as tools for success; and teach an athletic mindset to help you reach those high goals.

Edie has lived in the SF Bay Area, Western Australia, Southern Alberta, and Boston. 

Currently, Edie and her blended family are enjoying life in Herzliya, Israel.

My Family!