Work with Edie

Below are some of the ways we can work together.


Edie is an international speaker, happily bouncing around the globe to teach and rev-up your audience so they’ll know how they can conquer the world! Favorite speaking topics are:

  • Health and Wellness as Tools for Success
  • Strong Body --> Strong Mind
  • Common Traits of Highly Successful Women


Health and Wellness

Working in conjunction with your company’s mission and culture, Edie designs and implements corporate wellness programs, short-term challenges and competitions, and ergonomic analysis and solutions.


Set bigger goals, gain more traction, scale your business, reach that next level you’ve been aiming for, and beyond. Masterminds give you accountability, education, team work, support, a multitude of business ideas and friendships. Don’t miss out on an easy way for you and your business to grow!



Smart & Strong Classes

This is it! A holistic approach to your daily amazingness! Get moving, get business lessons, get motivated, and get confident! You have to try it to know how different our Smart & Strong classes are! Your positive energy will be soaring and you’ll be excited to get into your work and life! Join us!

Exclusive Coaching

When all of the above options sound great, but you want to fast-track the process. Apply for one-on-one coaching, a VIP day, or strategy sessions. The number of these slots are limited to only a few clients.