The Strong Women's Club

The Strong Women's Club podcast was a three-year project with over 150 podcast episodes highlighting the behind-the-scenes stories of women.

They are explorers, scientists, feminists (dead and alive), authors, doctors and others.

Some of the episodes are solo-episodes, me talking to you about what I found to be interesting and important at the time

Some of the episodes are about Jewish identity, some about the health and wellness business, some about important feminist historical events.

I hope you find the stories interesting, inspiring and powerful.

Success Stories

Let's Connect

I am now working on a new project, that I'm super excited about! Yes, it's still empowering women, both physically and in the workplace. It's in stealth mode at the moment, so I'll have to leave you wondering until I have more details to share....

I would love for you to be in touch with me. Ask a question, leave a comment, just say hi!

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